Toni Baroncelli教授

联系电话: 63602753
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研究方向: 加速器实验物理,
项目名单: 欧洲核子中心 (CERN) ATLAS 实验,

Toni Baroncelli graduated with a Master Degree in Physics in 1972 at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome-IT (PHD did not exist yet). An extract of the thesis was published on NIM. After a few years of fellowship he got a permanent position as INFN Researcher in 1976. He had a CERN fellowship in 1978-1979, was promoted to ‘Primo Researcher in 1985 and Director of Research in 2001. Toni Baroncelli has been ‘Associate Researcher’ at CERN in 1996-1997. Furthermore, he was acknowledged as Full Professor in the Italian University system in 2013. Nowadays he is Visiting Professor at the University of USTC-Hefei since 2019.

Following is his career at CERN: CERN ISR (1973:1976, Measurement of pp total cross section), CERN neutrino beam (1978:1979, CHARM Experiment), CERN LEP (1986:2001, DELPHI Experiment), CERN LHC (2001:ongoing, ATLAS Experiment).
The major scientific achievements during these years are: search for fractionally charged particles, analysis of same sign and opposite sign di-muon events (CHARM Experiment), Hadron calorimeter simulation code, combined calorimetry analysis code, coordination of the ‘b-lifetime’ analysis group, analysis of the ‘b-asimmetry’ using the jet charge, Analysis of Z* events, TGC anomalous couplings (DELPHI Experiment), analysis of cosmics data, temperature effects, slewing corrections, development of code for the measurement of rt-relation and space resolution of muon chambers, analysis of H8 data and combination of results on calibration, alignment and sagitta resolution in one paper, inclusive electron and muon cross section, Higgs search, VH channel, study of fake-leptons background in the ttH channel (ATLAS Experiment).
Toni Baroncelli’s major research interest is the study of the property of the Higgs Boson and the development of particle detection technology.

He has taken over several management roles: Member of the DELPHI Collaboration Board, ‘Data Taking Coordinator’ (responsible of all operations at the DELPHI Control Room) of the DELPHI Experiment (1995:1996); Chair of the Muon Institute Board, elected in April 2015, confirmed three times, mandate ending in end April 2021; Member of the ATLAS Speakers Committee 2009-2012 (3y), 2014 (1y), 2017 April-September (6months); Member of the Micro-Megas coordination group since January 2016; Responsible for the “procurement”; Member of the Scrutiny Group for M&O expenses for years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018,2019; Member of the Panel for the Muon Upgrade of Phase 2, 2016; Institute Representative of the Roma TRE group (2011-2014).

He has been member of four editorial boards (and chair of two of them).

Now he is the Editor of the scientific policy review ‘Analysis’,