Axion Detection with Optomechanical Cavities
题目: Axion Detection with Optomechanical Cavities
报告人: 王一琨
报告人单位: Caltech
报告时间: 2023-12-19 10:00
报告地点: 物质科研楼A608 (腾讯会议:369-9259-7706)
主办单位: 粒子物理与原子核物理学科

In this talk, I will present our recent proposal of searching for axion dark matter with an optomechanical cavity filled with a material such as superfluid helium. I will first give an overview to the direct-detection of axions, followed by the presentation of our proposal. In an optomechanical cavity, axion absorption converts a pump laser photon to a photon plus a phonon. The axion absorption rate is enhanced by the high occupation number of coherent photons and phonons in the cavity, allowing our proposal to largely overcome the extremely small axion coupling. The axion mass probed is set by the relative frequency of the photon produced in the final state and the Stokes mode. The tunable photon and phonon frequencies allow for the reach to a broad range of axion masses. I will present some recent updates of the proposal and different possible realizations of the system.

Yikun Wang is a Burke postdoctoral fellow at the Walter Burke Institute for Theoretical Physics, California Institute of Technology. She works in theoretical particle physics, with a focus on beyond the Standard Model physics. Her work spans over multiple directions, such as baryogenesis model-building, Higgs and collider physics, dark matter direct-detection, and early universe phenomenology. Yikun Wang receives her PhD at the University of Chicago in 2021.