Physics opportunities and challenges at future multi-TeV lepton colliders
题目: Physics opportunities and challenges at future multi-TeV lepton colliders
报告人: 马杨
报告人单位: 意大利国家核子中心
报告时间: 2023-12-14 10:00
报告地点: 物质科研楼A608(腾讯:931-116-729)
主办单位: 粒子物理与原子核物理学科

The largest scientific marvel ever constructed by humankind, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, has etched its name in history with groundbreaking discoveries, most notably the revelation of the Higgs boson. Fascination with the prospect of attaining ever-higher energies in collider construction has been a driving force for particle physicists. Multi-TeV lepton colliders, a fusion of electron-positron and hadron machines, promise to revolutionize science with unparalleled energy and precision. They open doors to a multitude of physics prospects, from Higgs and top quark production to W/Z factories, jets, and neutrino sources. At energies far exceeding the electroweak scale, radiation effects play a pivotal role and require meticulous attention. I will introduce the electroweak parton framework for high-energy lepton colliders, with a focus on electroweak parton distribution functions (EW PDFs) governing initial-state radiation (ISR). Using this framework, I will outline Standard Model (SM) predictions for potential high-energy electron-positron and muon colliders, providing invaluable insights for future analyses. Additionally, I will highlight the diverse physics opportunities that a future muon collider can offer, providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific landscape at high-energy lepton colliders.



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