Electronics for Cryogenic Detectors
题目: Electronics for Cryogenic Detectors
报告人: Gianluigi Pessina
报告人单位: INFN Milano Bicocca
报告时间: 2024-03-14 14:30
报告地点: 物质科研楼 A505
主办单位: 原子核物理与粒子物理学科

    Cryogenic detectors and their sensors span a wide range of characteristics. For most of them an overview of front-end readouts is provided.


    Gianluigi Ezio Pessina is Technology Manager at the INFN Section (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) of Milan Bicocca and professor of Electronics (under contract) in 2 courses at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Milan Bicocca. During his career, which began more than 30 years ago, he has worked (and is working) on of the development of front-end systems and particle detectors for experiments with and without accelerators.

He has experimented almost all the technological fields of electronics: cryogenic electronics in silicon, GaAs and SiGe, monolithic electronics in GaAs, Silicon, bipolar CMOS, SiGe and HEMT. He works / has worked with cryogenic detectors, mainly bolometers, gas-drift detectors, Germanium and Silicon detectors, Photomultipliers and SiPM (Silicon PhotoMultiplier).

He takes care/has taken care/worked on the front end and powering system of numerous experiments (such as MIBETA, CUORE, CUPID, CROSS and DUNE in studying the neutrino mass, and the RICH of LHCb and the BTL at CMS concerning accelerators) and has provided reports in over 140 collaboration meetings, conferences and invited talks.

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